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Create collages much and much more

There are two main options in Photo Grid: create a collage of up to 15 photos in a grid layout or create a scrapbook-style picture with up to nine photos.
In the grid option, there are a wide variety of editing possibilities for each individual photo, as well as for the grid as a whole. You can add different backgrounds, filters and borders, as well as draw shapes, and add stickers and text. Photo Grid also provides a number of template grids to help you get more creative with your collages.
Once you’ve finished creating your photo montage, you can either share the image via all the usual social networks (including Facebook Messenger) or save it in either JPG or PNG in different resolutions to your phone or to Dropbox..
You can also go take photos using Photo Grid Online Free and edit them straight from the app. While there aren’t as many options as other photo editing apps, it’s still quite a useful tool. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can check out what quirky images other people have created in the *Explore *feature.
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