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Some statistics about Photo Grid collage around the world

We love Photo Grid. This application can be combined with Instagram to quickly bring beautiful results … and intuitive interface of the app makes everyone can master the application – PC Advisor.
Photo Grid is free and makes sharing photos and collage easier.
Create collages, wallpaper and photo albums quickly and immediately.
edit photos in our photo lab and share on Instagram and other places with photo Grid.
Applications created this collage extremely easy to use, try and perceive themselves.
100% free and fully loaded.
application No. 1 photo sharing for Instagram users. The default mode image cut into squares. Create a superb insta collage for instagram
* Instantly create a professional collage – incredibly easy
* A variety of layouts for photo grids, wallpapers, photo walls, albums and collages sets
* Bracelets to swap photos at your convenience or manually selected to achieve precision
* editor allows you to enable you to move, swap, rotate, zoom, sketch, etc. Room images
* Add text, emoticons and clip art photos and images to your collage
* Arrange freedom or in a square (for Instagram), wide rectangle, tall rectangle or just use a single photo
* Share via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Blogger, Tumblr, Google Plus, email, etc …
5/5 Stars – Journal of Applied Android
4 / 5 Stars – CNET
4/5 Stars – PC Advisor
application Top Free Photos – Android Authority
5 Free Must Have app for Android Applications for the Photographer – the Next Web
FAQ and sentences Answer
Question: can not Save or share?
A: After you click save or share, you can see the message below says “” note card size mismatch “” or not.
that is why making it impossible to save.
we just made this announcement when your card capacity under 20M
please delete some files like video or music to increase capacity.
the question of Instagram
Q: how to create images in the box to I do not have to crop the image.
A: default mode is square now.
Q: How to move photos to grid
A: you can drag to move on the main page, no need to move to the edit and click scroll button.
Q: too small to upload to instagram?
a: please update your instagram to latest version
of Dropbox question
Q: can not log into dropbox, meet ‘403 error’ (403 error) or ‘invalid certificate’ (certificate is invalid).
A: Please check the settings of your phone time and ensure proper installation.
other FAQ
Q: not all my photo loaded on photogrid
a: please check these photos in the collection system or not, our album collections in sync with the system.
A., and you can add photos manually album by clicking on the settings button on the file list (upper right)
Q: how to edit? (Move, Swap, Back, Zoom)
A: Please click the “” blue pencil “” next to the save button at the top right of the main page.
Q: Where will Collages when you save?
A: Keep in \ sdcard \ Photo Grid
Q: How to send us the error log
A: click the settings page and select the first support by Email
“With Photo Grid Free online, you can create collections wonderful collage.
Applications collage number 1 on Android, on *** 51 Million *** users like PhotoGrid.
* Top1 in Photography in 11 Nations Gia.
* Top5 in Photography in 46 National.
The simple interface and outstanding menu of pre-designed box of Photo Grid makes this application becomes the best collage app on the market.
You can download and try to play this application :

Photo collage editor is the most popular photo collage maker over worldwide

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